Breville Indoor Smart Grill

$299.00 $249.00

The Breville Indoor Smart Grill is powerful with 1800 watts of electricity to grill even the thickest steak to perfection. It’s versatile enough to cook everything from meats to sandwiches to veggies with a temperature range of 160˚C to 249˚C (320˚F to 480˚F). Plus, a patented grill lock technology with hinges opens like a BBQ grill or can be closed to be used as a contact grill.

  • Dual Thermostat means that when the grill is open, you can cook items at a different temperature on each plate
  • Embedded elements allows all of the heat energy to be absorbed into the plate for faster and more consistent heating
  • An LCD screen responds to the temperature control and timer dial
  • The screen switches from blue to red when your grill is heating
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